Welcome at Miss Oktoberfest


The only permanent specialized Dirndl rental shop in Japan!

You are in Japan and your friends want to go to the Oktoberfest with you, the foreigner –
but you have nothing to wear as a real German? You want to go to an Oktoberfest with the complete traditional outfit? You are looking for a cool Halloween costume? Grafik_Startwebsite_Dirndl_klein

Whatever it is, we give you the chance to become a ‘real German’ for some time. Just come and rent one of our Dirndls. Quick, easy and without having to buy a complete Dirndl-set that will just congest your (much too small) Japanese-sized closet afterwards.

We offer several kind of Dirndl from tiny Japanese size for your Nihonjin friends to standard German sizes for you as well as accessories and other gimmicks.

Just try your favorite Dirndl and enjoy your typical German beer fun! Even if you are just curious and want to have a look, come and visit us at our mobile booth. You can see where and when to find us in our event calendar.

We have several fun things to discover, so be sure to not miss us. We are looking forward to meet you soon – Prost!