About The Oktoberfest


The Munich Oktoberfest is the biggest fun fair in the world and popular amongst young and old. Almost everywhere in the world, people have already heard about the Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest traces back to the wedding ceremonies of crown prince Ludwig of Bavaria more than 200 years ago. Even many things have changed over time –beer, roast chicken, roller coasters and fun rides and German music still bring as much fun as already 200 years ago. Given the historic background, traditional dresses such as Lederhosen and Dirndl are a must for many visitors, as well.

Other than the name makes you expect, the Oktoberfest already starts in the second half of September and ends at the first weekend of October. Meaning October is celebrated before it has even started. Other as in Japan – here, Oktoberfest is celebrated all over the warm season from April to October at many different places and locations all over the country. Don’t say that Japanese people don’t know how to have fun! 😉

Oktoberfests might not be as traditional as in Munich here in Japan, but are still a lot of fun and offer a good chance to enjoy some really good beer, pretzels and sausages.

So what are you waiting for? Just get your Dirndl ready and pass by at one of the next Oktoberfests in Tokyo or somewhere else.