There are three ways on how to get to your rental Dirndl with us: either you visit us at our mobile rental shop at one of the regional Oktoberfests, or you reserve your dress via the internet and get it send to you by post. For a small service charge, it is furthermore possible to arrange a direct personal delivery of your Dirndl within the Tokyo/Yokohama metropolitan area.


Direct Rental

If you want to rent your dirndl directly at our mobile rental shop, check out our event calendar. Here, you can find all necessary information on when and where you will be able to meet us.

We recommend you to choose this way of rental, as it is easy, comfortable and fast: just visit us at our rental booth, choose your Dirndl, sign our rental contract and get changed. After your rental time is over, you can just return the Dirndl directly at the location again. This is especially convenient if you just want to try out wearing a dirndl for a short period of time or one day directly on the location.

Internet Rental

If you don’t live in Tokyo, have no time to visit us at our booth or want to rent the dress for a longer period of time, we recommend to use our internet rental service. Just tell us your preferred Dirndl, together with the desired rental time and your postal address via our booking form. If the Dirndl is available, you will get the rental contract that you have to sign and send back to us. After the payment is confirmed, the Dirndl will be send to you on the first day of your rental period. At the end of your rental period, you just send the Dirndl back to us and we will take care about the cleaning.

Direct Delivery

Everybody that lives in the Tokyo/Yokohama metropolitan area (up to Fujisawa) can furthermore order their rental Dirndl per direct personal delivery under an extra service charge. In case of interest just check the direct delivery option in our booking form and contact us to fix the details of the delivery and rental period.